Our Story

Sunny Day Films officially started in 2017, but we filmed weddings for other companies before. From the beginning, we have been developing our own unique style of videos. We have had the privilege of filming many wonderful couples and working with top photographers. A client once said that our video had captured the heart and soul of the wedding…and that is exactly our primary aim! During your wedding we will be filming all details but in a very relaxed way. Your wedding is all about you enjoying the day with family and friends…so we won’t overwhelm you with excessive requests and silly poses. We capture everything au naturale.


Simao Luz

Head Videographer and Editor

Growing up in a small town on Portugal, I spent a lot of time in my own head creating stories, coming up with new ideas and watching movies! When I turned 18, I brought my first video camera and that’s where it all really began… hours of filming and editing would pass and I wouldn’t even notice. 14 years late I still get butterflies in my stomach when I start filming. I love creating new stories, sharing with others and knowing how much it means to them


Kirsten Luz

Assistant Videographer and Website manager

Born and raised on the Gold Coast, I have always loved all things creative. Capturing peoples’ own stories and life journey is something very powerful for me, so I thoroughly enjoy working alongside my husband to share my passion with others.

Love what you see? - Let me capture your wedding!

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